Moving Tips



DO get a "Moving Notebook" to keep track of what you need to do, what you've done, who you contacted, etc. DON'T forget to return library books, videos, etc.
DO start the moving process early.  It's never too early to pack non-essential items.  Make a moving inventory of your goods and take photos of valuable items. DON'T pack any materials that are flammable, combustible or any alcohol.  Transport those items separately.
DO donate items to you local charities.  Don't forget to get a donation form for possible tax deductions. DON'T wrap your items in newspaper, the ink can rub off on your valuables.
DO wrap your linens and towels around framed pictures that can be broken or are fragile. DON'T over pack boxes.  Boxes that are too heavy decrease the integrity of the box.
DO label all boxes pertaining to what room you would like you movers to place them in at your new home.  Label boxes FRAGILE as needed. DON'T pack important documents.  Get a lockable box and keep it separate and transport with you.
DO notify utility companies and cable/phone/Internet providers to disconnect or transfer services.  Notify doctors/dentists, banks, schools, work, family and friends of your new address.  Complete a forwarding mail request with the post office.   DON'T use foam peanuts to pack around your computer, they can cause static electricity and cause damage.
DO contact the utility companies for your new home to ensure you will have all services connected upon your arrival. DON'T leave packing to the last day.  But if that happens don't beat yourself up about it, and don't panic and rush.  Take the few seconds to ensure you items are protected and packed properly.
DO stay organized while packing.  Packing is never fun, but unpacking unlabeled boxes or boxes with a variety of items from different rooms is more time consuming and frustrating.  A little time and organization on the front end will allow you to enjoy your new home just that much sooner! DON'T forget to complete a final walk through of your home and surrounding property.  Remember to look inside closets, on top shelves and behind your bedroom and bathroom doors. 
DO gather your user manuals for your appliances, stereos, TVs, printer, fax, etc and keep them with you for easy reference when trying to set everything up during those first days. DON'T use any special cleaning/maintenance products on furniture prior to your move.  The products can soften wood and leave it more susceptible to damage.
DO know what furniture needs to be dismantled.  Remember if you built things from a flat pack they may now be too large to get through doors or down stairs.  Movers can dismantle items for you but that takes time and in the moving business time is money. DON'T forget to drop off your keys at the rental agency or make arrangement with the real estate office for the new owners.
DO plan where the movers can load and unload; Moving U, LLC completes all moves with a 26ft box truck.  DON'T forget to tip your movers.  Don't feel you have to tip if you are disappointed with their service.
DO have all boxes packed and stacked neatly in a room, ideally along the walls to allow the movers to maneuver equipment and larger items.  This will speed up the process.  It is also wise the keep all fragile boxes together thus allowing the movers to better plan placement in the truck.  
DO pack an "essentials box/suitcase".  This should hold a weeks supply of personal items, medications, clothing, etc to keep you going during the initial unpacking phase.  Be sure to either move it with you or clearly mark OPEN FIRST, set it to the side and ask your movers to pack it last.  Be sure to be there on the other end to let the movers know where you would like it placed.     
DO be available to answer any questions and give directions to the movers.  
DO have plenty of cash on hand to pay the movers.  Moving companies require cash or certified funds and you are required by federal regulation to pay upon completion of the move.