1)  How do moving companies determine the cost of a move?
By the number of rooms, furniture, boxes, the floor on which you reside and the floor to which you are moving, the availability of an elevator to use during the move, the distance from your residence to where the truck can be parked.  By answering these questions a moving company is able to determine the number of men and approximate hours for your move.   
****We recommend a free in home estimate at your convenience.****
2) How can I keep the cost of the move down?
Having all boxes packed and stacked neatly against the walls of a room, having all furniture dismantled and ready for transport.
3) Can you dismantle my furniture?
Yes, we can dismantle furniture and reassemble furniture the day of the move if you require. 
4) Do I have to be there for the move?
Although not required, it is in your best interest to be there or have a representative in your place.  However, you are required to sign off on all documents and you will be required by federal regulation to pay upon completion of the move. 
5) What types of payment do you accept?
Moving U, LLC accepts cash, money orders, cashier's checks and credit cards (a 3% fee will be applied for all credit card transactions). We do not accept personal checks. 
6) Can you arrange furniture in my new home?
We are happy to arrange your furniture as you like.  You be the guide and let our professional movers do the heavy lifting.  We won't leave until you are satisfied with the placement. 
7) Do I tip movers?
If you are pleased with your movers please feel free to tip accordingly. 
8) How is the moving time calculated?
The time starts and ends at your door. We do not tack on travel time to and from our warehouse. 
Don't see your question?  Please feel free to contact Moving U, LLC and we will be happy to answer your questions. Moving can often be a stressful endeavor but it doesn't have to be complicated.  Let our team ease the transition and simplify your move.