This photo shows some houses in Castle Rock, CO.

What it’s Like to Live in or Move to Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock is a city with a diverse population, fun events, and activities to do. It’s not a big city, but it does have its own culture. It’s home to some of the best skiing in Colorado.

Castle Rock is a small town in the Rocky Mountains that has attracted writers and artists worldwide.

It is not surprising that it has also become an attractive place for several people who work in creative industries. One such industry that is thriving in Castle Rock is the film industry. There are plenty of places to stay – apartments and houses – at competitive rates. You can also rent out your own space if you don’t fancy living with other people!

Why move to Castle Rock, Colorado?

Castle Rock is a small town in the state of Colorado. This town is known for its beautiful scenery and the wide range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Castle Rock offers a variety of housing options, from affordable condos to luxury mansions. The cost of living is on average 10% less than the national average, with median home value at $250,000.

The reason for moving to Castle Rock is pretty simple – it has less than 3% of the population density that New York City has. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy, such as mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, and more.

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Top 3 things to do in Castle Rock

When in Castle Rock, you really need to visit Castlewood Canyon, State Park. Castlewood Canyon State Park is a natural wonder in the beautiful mountains of the Pikes Peak Region. The park has over 2,700 acres and offers three different trails to challenge hikers of all levels. Visitors will enjoy the shaded picnic areas, hiking trails, bird watching opportunities, and spectacular views of Castle Rock.

The second-place worth mentioning is Cherokee Ranch & Castle. Cherokee Ranch & Castle offers glimpses into the past. You can tour the castle and grounds, have tea or brunch, and have lunch at the castle as well. You will learn of its rich history and explore its 3400 acres.

The third pick is Philip S. Miller Park. However, there are so many great options in Castle Rock. In Philip S. Miller Park, activities you will find are activities like a walking path, biking trail, amphitheater, and more. There is a pon there, and it is full of beautiful scenery.

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