Established initially as a Du Pont company town in 1906–8, Louviers Village south of Denver is distinctive in Colorado because it was never associated with either agriculture or mining. Planned by Du Pont as a model community to attract long-term employees for the company’s nearby the Louviers Works dynamite plant, the town served as worker housing for decades until the company sold the town and closed the plant in the late twentieth century. Information can be found here.

Community Development

The community, begun by the Du Pont Company in 1906, and occupied starting in 1908, provided employee housing and support facilities for the adjacent Louviers Works dynamite plant.  Du Pont carefully planned, built, and managed the village. In addition to housing for workers and management, the community included a school, church, hotel, parks and a ball field, and a large community club.  The community remained under Du Pont ownership until 1962, when the company sold both the village and the dynamite plant. See here for information about  Larkspur, Colorado is a Family-Friendly Town.

Louviers Village Club

In the town of Louviers — a census-designated place with 269 estimated residents tucked inside Douglas County — a building boasting a library, bowling alley, and events area has been the heart of the community for more than 100 years. According to History Colorado, the DuPont Company built the Louviers Village Club in 1908 with a more elaborate structure in 1917 to foster a sense of community in the new town.